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Worried about your information being in the wrong hands?

Your sample holds a lot of information about you and your health which can be of great interest to either the government or insurance agencies.

Now we have an option for you in order to cloak you're real identity and make any third party have to try harder to find out who you are.


If you HAVE NOT ordered the test you wish to add on privacy for, you must do so for the Privacy Add-On.
This product does not include any test.

Cloak Yourself & Your Information

In today's world there is a lot that is out on the web/data infrastructure about you which is a double sided sword when you think about it. Information and data is becoming more and more sought after as the days pass, whether it's for marketing, security, or to deny you insurance.

Compatibility List

We currently offer our Add-On for 23andMe and Viome's Gut Intelligence Test.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions for a test you'd like an extra layer of privacy on, shoot us an email!

Contact Us

How It Works

You Recieve The Package

Everything at this point proceeds like a normal sale, but we have enclosed an information sheet for you which will guide you along the way on how to ship it back to us to keep your information private.

At no point will you be left with any confusion, but on the off chance that you do we will be there to guide you along the way.

You Ship Your Sample Back To Us

Now that you have completed your sample collection you will need to complete your kit registration with the email and address we provide for you! That way there is no connection with the result and your actual physical address.

You ship it back to us with the prepaid label and envelope that are included with this add-on.

We Ship Your Kit To The Lab For You

Now we take care of the rest and make sure your test gets to the appropriate place.

Why This Might Be Important For You?

What we do
We protect your privacy from insurance & marketing companies…now & in the future.

Your test TODAY will continue to produce more and more predictive data on your health in the future. Take control over that data while you can today.

Your Privacy Is Important

You may not think your data is important or warrants an extra step for its protection. 

One man's tool can be another man's weapon

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