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Viome Gut Intelligence Test

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Example Viome Results & Recommendations 

The Importance Of Your Gut

Your gut accounts for most of your immune system by making up to 75% of it as it hosts most of your immune cells. 

There is an information highway between your gut and your brain via a visceral nerve called the Vagus nerve.
Science and research has discovered that 90% of the fibers carry information FROM the gut TO the brain and not the other way around. In addition 95% of the serotonin is made in your gut which makes sense that a bad diet, medications, and antibiotics can have a tremendous effect on your mood.

How It Works

Register your kit, collect your sample, and complete your questionnaires.

How We Differ From Viome


With Viome you will be left all "alone" after your results and will have more questions than answers with your results and recommendations.

Customer Service from Viome will take a LONG time to get back to you, but DRI will be there ready to help you on your journey to increase your Health Wealth


We not only hold your hand throughout your journey but offer assistance and kits to help promote a healthier life for you. 

Our world renowned scientists are YOUR scientists as well, and with our Quantum Self Restoration Program you can have texting ability to get the answers to questions you have always had.


We realize the importance of your health and how complicated and difficult it can be to get your gut back into shape.

This is a journey we want to take with you and build a healthier life and gut with you.

Your Journey With Us

Why We Do It

One man's food is another man's poison.

While us humans share more than 99% of our DNA, tremendous diversity exists among us when it comes to our unique gut mcrobiome, the cornerstone of our health and the "second brain" of our bodies. 

Because no two people digest food the same way, a food that may be healthy for one person may cause inflammation in another. 

Analyzing the function of your microbes allows us to identify what metabolites they're producing so we can provide food recommendations that are right for your body and gut microbiome. 

Your Body Is Unique.
Why Shouldn't Your Diet Be Too?

Fad diets have been disappointing people since the moment they are created. We now know why that's the case.

Our bodies are incredibly unique and they are constantly evolving. Nothing works for everyone, all of the time.

Fad diets have failed us as individuals. It's time we started getting personalized help with a little help from science.

Our focus is on the 40 trillion microbes that live inside your gut microbiome- the cornerstone of your metabolism health, hormone health, skin health, immune system response, mental acuity, and your mood.

With your recommendations, you'll make informed decisions on what to eat based on your unique gut chemistry.

Your Sample

The sample you take is sent to the state-of-the-art Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it is processed and sequenced.

From there, Artificial Intelligence & the questionnaire you filled out are then used in conjunction to create your personalized results and recommendations.

Weight Loss

Did you know that scientists can look at your gut microbiome composition and tell with 90% accuracy if you are obese or lean? Scientists have also discovered that certain gut microbes help shape your body and keep obesity at bay which means if you're having trouble losing weight, your microbiome could be the culprit.

Viome’s metatranscriptomic technology has allowed us to identify microbial pathways and functions of your gut, specifically those that influence weight loss or gain.

FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST NOTE: * IgG blood tests are not universally acknowledged as the best tool for detecting food sensitivities.  This may lead towards false negative & false positives. A free way of measuring blood sensitivities is by measuring heart rate increase before and after consuming a product.  A 10 bpm increase means there is a sensitivity."