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Each Kit Includes Enough For 4 Travel Days

Travelling Soon?

Within recent health concerns becoming a main staple in news and our attention it's imperative you make sure you're as cautious as you can be.


Being in close proximity to so many strangers and touching so many things that could have a sickness waiting for you is all the more reason to bolster your immune system.

Protect Yourself

Get The Travel Kit

Our Kit

We have compiled all of products within the Travel Kit to give you the greatest chance for avoiding sickness.

As you've noticed the news, social media, and our attention has all been drawn to coronavirus, and rightfully so.
If you have to travel we urge you to take preemptive measures to combat any foreign bacteria or microbes from getting you sick which is why we have posted our main "power" ingredients in our kit.

Our Kit

  • Glutathione (Pill)
  • CoQ10
  • NAC
  • Vitamin C
  • And More

Silver has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which is why a lot of clothing companies weave silver into their clothes to make them stink proof.

Silver kills bacteria and in ancient times silver was used as a natural probiotic and preservative.

This is why we have also included colloidal silver to boost your immune system and chances against sickness from the great qualities of silver.

What Traveling Does To Your Body

Traveling can be very taxing on the body and your immune system. You are in contact with things that could be contaminated and are close to people who may or may not be sick.

If you get stressed easily while travelling or know you have a weak immune system than we urge you now more than ever to take precautions to bolster your immune system.

If you are scared about the Coronavirus than check out our Anti-Viral Kit which we were creating before the Coronavirus outbreak.

Recommended Product

The Anti-Viral Kit

Protect yourself with another layer of protection. This kit boosts your immune system and if you are afraid of getting a viral infection (like coronavirus) then you can add on that on to the prevention kit!

The steps and measures to be taken before and during a viral infection are completely different, and our kit right now is geared towards dealing with the Coronavirus. Treating yourself by boosting your immune system while you have coronavirus might work against you. 

As always take the normal precautions such as washing your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and limit contact with other people.

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