Mental Clarity Kit
Mental Clarity Kit

Mental Clarity Kit

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Maybe you have tried everything from eating better, sleeping better, and drinking more water but you still find yourself in the mid-day/afternoon brain fog. 

Well that is no longer the case with our curated Mental Clarity Kit, which is sure to keep your mind going when you need it most.. and at full speed!

We all need a little push every now and then so get yours today!

Mental Clarity


Keeping Your Mind awake

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Your brain is always working, analyzing, and thinking regardless of whether you know it or not. They are constantly being presented information but we only think of our atttention in terms of what we are actively trying to focus on but the scope and depth of our attention far surpasses that.

We never really consider our subconscious because it's sort of like our autopilot so not much thought is given to those things. Our breathing, blinking, movements, heart beat, where you're going and much more. Even walking/taking a step requires a fair amount of energy and focus from your brain as it has to assess the enviroment and whether your fall and flex your muscles all around to give you balance.

So it's no wonder that we all crash randomly throughout our lives with hardly any notice either most of the time.

The Chemicals That Make You Tick

There are a lot of chemicals that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to your energy. We'll cover some more of the important ones for you.

ACETYLCHOLINE - is an important neural-chemical that is responsible for your attention. DOPAMINE - modulates functions within such as reward, cognitive flexibility and also attention.
NOREPINEPHRINE - this is responsible for your awakefulness, alertness and more.

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More Than One Type Of Attention?

Yes there are several types of attention. There are 2 major type of attention: exogenous, endogenous, and then sustained attention.

Exogenous Attention (bottom down) - the attention that is play when you notice sounds, color, shapes and sizes. To sum up Exogenous Attention, it basically anything that causes your attention to focus on it or notice it. An exampe would be when someone honks their horn, your attention is immediately shifted to it.

Endogenous Attention (top down) - this is the typ of attention that is driven by a goal or something you are trying to acheive. This is the side of the brain that works when you're trying to focus on your teacher when she is going over questions and topics that will be on the next exam.

Sustained Attention - this is the part of the brain responsible for your "multitasking" and allows you to switch your focus whenever you feel the need. Like when you are doing homework and hear your stomach rumble well now your mind has shifted its focus to eating.

Bothersome Noise

Have you ever tried to focus on something but found it hard? Well your enviroment and the sounds you hear can be to blame, which we are sure comes to no surprise. When the things around you have the possibility to compete for your focus (even on a subconscious level) then you will experience difficulty trying to focus.

We believe it's also important to say that just because it doesn't have your full attention or focus doesn't mean your brain isn't listening to it. Think about it, you may not be focusing on the cars around you or the sirens but when you hear them you know exactly what it is which uses brain energy. 

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Our Kit Is Designed For Top Notch Energy When You Need It


They come in drink, powder, or pill form but boost your energy and brain power too.

All nootropics are different and work in their own unique way with their propreitary formulas but we use the ones we believe had the most effect to boost our overall energy.


In conjunction with nootropics we also use supplements to switch things up for you.

We offer alternatives to the nootropics so that you get to experience and find out what works best for you or for your preference.

Our Kit

Our kit includes everything you can think of to boost your mind and energy to levels you wish they were at.

Sugars and caffeine work but they all have a down side that we all know too well, so we thought we'd offer an alternative.

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