Guide To Understanding Your Viome Results - eBook - DRI

Guide To Understanding Your Viome Results - eBook

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The book you've been waiting for. More in depth explanation and analysis of each gut score that Viome gives you.

Comprehensive eBook describing & offering specific suggestions for each of the 19 categories the Viome tests reports on:

Bile Acid Metabolism Pathways
Putrescine Production Pathways
Oxalate Metabolism Pathways
TMA Production Pathways 
Flagellar Assembly Pathways
Biofilm, Chemotaxis, and Virulence Pathways
Salt Stress Pathways
Inflammatory Activity
Digestive Efficiency
Metabolic fitness
Protein Fermentation
Butyrate Production Pathways
Ammonia Production Pathways
Uric Acid Production Pathways
Methane Gas Production Pathways
LPS Biosynthesis Pathways
Overall Gas Production
Sulfide Gas Production Pathways

 Written & Created by DRI

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The report will ONLY will use your results to provide specific recommendations back to you.  It will not be shared with anyone else.
We will send other specific easy to implement recommendations based on your results. Share results by going to Viome website or app, click account, click share my report

Understanding Your Results

What Do My Results Mean?

It may seem confusing but we can help with that!

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Big Picture

The results are helpful to see where your gut microbiome stands, but may get confusing as you get into the specifics of each result.

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Easy Information

We not only break down what the results mean but also provide ways for you to improve your scores by yourself as well.

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Information You Need

If you are impressed with your Viome results and insights, but are more curious about exactly what it all means... we've got you covered

Knowledge Is Power

 I  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n   &   K  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  e  Y  o  u   C  a  n   A  c  t   O  n

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We Want To Be Your Gut Health Restoration Partner

We hold your hand throughout the whole process, so you aren't left in the dark with results that you aren't sure what to do with from Viome. From start to finish we will help you reach your ultimate health goals. 

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