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Restoration Kit For Viome's Flagellar Assembly

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Flagellar Assembly

Most bacteria do not stay in one place unless they are dormant (behind biofilm or in endospore form); they move around in their environment. The way many bacteria move is by means of a tail-like structure, which is called a flagellum. Some bacteria have just one flagellum, like Rhodobacter, for example. The bacteria E. coli, on the other hand have multiple flagella that spin in bundles.

Flagella Importance?

The flagellar characteristic is a feature of many common intestinal pathogens.

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Flagella, along with providing the ability of the organism to swim through liquid and swarm over surfaces, also play a critical role in the ability of the bacteria to attach to cells, remain stationary when needed to create biofilms (this is a process that allows the bacteria to grow and change the environment in which they live in, making it more favorable to them), and allows them to invade the host; even in hostile environments.

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Flagellar Detection

The significance of the detection of flagella in your system is the possibility of identification of the presence of potential opportunistic bacteria. The higher the potential, the higher the score your flagellar assembly pathway marker will be. A higher score may also indicate bacterial dysbiosis, a condition that is associated with increased inflammatory patterns since the presence of flagellar filaments and the protein they contain, called flagellin, are associated with the triggering of an immune response by the host.

Our Kit & Your Gut

Our Kit

Our kit was specially curated to prevent the bacteria from feeding off the wrong prebiotic or probiotic. 


Doctors will often prescribe high strength antibiotics in efforts to combat the bacterial growth, but in turn it will do more damage to your microbiome than it might help.

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