BIOBOX Anti-Antibiotic Kit - DRI
BIOBOX Anti-Antibiotic Kit - DRI

BIOBOX Anti-Antibiotic Kit

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Currently taking antibiotics?Have a surgery in the future?Took antibiotics & now want to restore your gut?Save your gut now!Research shows that right combination of probiotics (live bacteria) and prebiotics (food for the bacteria) reduces side effects, prevent gut infections, & restore gut flora associated with antibiotic use.BioBox Anti-Antibiotic kit provides different daily doses that can:Get your gut ready for antibiotic useMaintain & increase your gut health during antibiotic useRestore your gut microbiome after antibiotic use

Help Below The Surface

Why The Anti-Antibiotic Kit?

Because it delivers high quality pro & probiotics to counter antibiotic effects

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A True Catch 22

Antibiotics are great to help get rid of diseases and infections caused by bacteria, but they effect more than just the harmful bacteria. They kill the good bacteria in your gut too.

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Options Just For You

We offer kits for all stages in your antibiotic therapy course. We have you covered from before you even take the antibiotics all the way up until you are done.

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Caution Antibiotic Use

Antibiotics literally translates to "anti life" while probiotic means "pro life." Help prevent the damage that antibiotics do to your whole body by taking this kit 

“Antibiotic" Literally Means Anti-Life

Your gut flora is effected the most by the use of antibiotics, but we aren’t able to see the direct damage done. Much like smoking the effects are known but the damage is not visible externally so not much thought is given to it. Think of antibiotics like Round Up, where it kills everything it comes in contact with… good or bad.

Your cells and bacteria are alive, but don’t have a way to tell what’s coming and the destruction that’s coming. This is why we offer a 3 Stage Process, but allow you to choose what fits you the most.

Find Out More Below In “Process”

Why this kit? My mom was scheduled for a serious operation.

Before the operation she was expected to take antibiotics for 30 days. After the operation she was also expected to take antibiotics for an additional 30 days.

We researched the kit with top experts, among them John Brisson from What came from this situation, discussion, and the resulting research came the right combination of probiotics (live bacteria) and prebiotics (food for the bacteria) to reduce side effects, prevent gut infections, & restore gut flora associated with antibiotic use.

The Process

We have split up this kit into three different segments:

- Before

- During

- After

With this strategy we have created a way to reduce gut flora degradation due to antibiotic use. Each stage is different. At each stage we help your good bacteria by Seeding prior to Feeding through different tested and researched pre & probiotics from the best brands.

Think of our seeding and feeding process as troops (seeding) being dropped in behind enemy lines and supplies (seeding) being dropped in to help them fight and win. It’s with this process we can ensure optimal results that will help offset any possible side effects that are often brought about with all antibiotic therapy course.

Antibiotic Side Effects

You may or may not know about the side effects that taking antibiotics can give you and they include but are not limited to:

- Soft stools (Diarrhea)

- Severe Diarrhea (not a word you want used before diarrhea)

- Upset Stomach

- Rash

- Vaginal Itching or Discharge

- Vomitting

- And More

As you can see antibiotics are not good for business, but are required in certain situations so if you have to take them we strongly recommend this kit for you.

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