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Restoration Kit For Viome's Bile Viome

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This is a 1 Month Protocol for those who have scored low or average in the “Bile Acid Metabolism Pathways” section.*Please review the information below before making a purchase decision
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Fat digestion requires the function of many different organs and microbes working in tandem for it to occur. Any kink along the pathway of fat digestion can cause it not to be adequately assimilated and cause fat to be dumped into the stool, and improper amounts of bile either be produced or utilized.

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How Do You Know If You Produce Too Little or Too Much Bile?

Generally, if you do not produce enough bile or your bile is sluggish, your stool will appear to be clay-colored or pale from a lack of bilirubin being deposited in your stool mixed with bile. You may also see yellow in your stool, or your stool may look greasy (steatorrhea) from improper production of bile that may lead to fat being deposited into your stool instead of being absorbed and utilized by the body.


Bile neutralizes stomach chime pH with sodium bicarbonate, and a lack of it can lead to more acid stomach chime, which can lead to a more acidic small intestine, leading to inflammation, lack of absorption that requires pH, and dysbiosis from
certain bacteria that thrive in a more acidic small intestine. Finally, a lack of bile production can lead to microbiome dysbiosis because bile is a bactericide against many bacteria that are unable to metabolize it.

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There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, and thankfully for you we can now help stabilize and improve your gut health.


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Viome Recommendations

Follow the Viome provided dietary recommendations to improve the health of your microbiome.

Our Kit

Gut health is paramount to your health, so our kit is specifically curated to help aid your bile pathways. 

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