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Anti-Viral Kit

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Our Anti-Viral Kit is now finally available, after months of research and the Coronavirus outbreak we decided to release this sooner than later. 

While this works with most Viral Infections we made a heavy emphasis to preventing Coronavirus and what to do if you have it.

Preemptive measures and counter measures when it comes to the Coronavirus are extremely different and go against what you would want to do for a typical cold or flu.

The Coronavirus

As we sit back and watch the world in fear due to the quick, unforeseen, and wild spread of the coronavirus some might wonder how can we protect ourselves?

Luckily for you... we have created a kit that aims to bring your chances up from not getting the Coronavirus

Who We Are

DRI has a long standing mission and goal to create better health from the inside out.

Unlock Your Life From Within

The key to health is your gut and to have it be in complete balance for your gut to be optimized.


As science and technology advances the correlation between your gut and health is becoming more evident. 

An unbalanced gut (dysbiosis) can lead to a multitude of different diseases such as IBS, IBD, and more. It's not an easy road but one that must be taken!

"All Disease Begins In The Gut" - Hippocrates

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How We Protect You

Our kit aims to reduce inflammation in your body in conjuction with the reduction of TH1, which plays a key role in Coronavirus deaths.

We want to boost your immune system but not to the point where it could work against you.

Contrary To Popular Belief

While you might be racing to the store or your cupboards for items to boost your immune system, we urge you to take extreme caution on what you decide to take.

Things such as Vitamin D, Elderberry, and other "normal" cold products could actually produce unwanted effects for Coronavirus such as a cytokine storm.

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Which Kit Is Right For You?

It is very important to boost your TH1 levels when you are preventing a viral infection. When you have a viral infection that may result in a cytokine storm it is essential to your health and life to reduce TH1 levels and to take anti virals that don't increase TH1

We aren't guarenteeing any outcome with our kit, but a way to help your chances. 


Things To Avoid After CoronaVirus (Boost TH1)







All of these will increase TH1 which will lead to a cytokine storm, which is the main cause of death behind the coronavirus. Much like the swine flu, your body's reaction is what ultimately causes death.

Other things you will want to consider in order to prevent a viral infection (heavy emphasis on Coronavirus):

  • Reduce Blue Light
  • Increase Your Circadian Rhythm
  • Reduce Or Stop Drinking (Alcohol)
  • Don't Masturbate Or Reduce It 
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Oxytocin
  • Reduce Non-Native EMF

More Information About The Coronavirus

  • Cell entry of coronavirus depends on binding of the viral spike (S) proteins to cellular receptors and on S protein priming by host cell protases.
  • Unravelling which cellular factos are used by SARS-coV-2 for entry might provide insight into viral transmission and reveal therapeutic targets.
  • Demonstrations show that SARS-coV-2 uses the SARS-coV receptor, ACE2, for entry and the serine protease TMPRSS2 for S protein priming.
  • The cornoviru itself does not kill you, but your immune system does, much like the swine flu.

Please be sure to consult with your doctor or health care professional.

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