Anti-Hang Over Kit
Anti-Hang Over Kit

Anti-Hang Over Kit

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Scientifically proven 3 step process to reduce or eliminate your hangover!

Each kit will either contain 3, 5, or 10 kits depending on which variant you select!

Makes for a great gift and was created to be easily be split with your friends should you decide to split the cost with your pals!

3 Kits - $11.60 Per Kit

5 Kits - $10 Per Kit

10 Kits - $9 Per Kit

Our kit is different than other anti-hangover kits on the market because we specifically target and counteract the free radicals and toxins in your body! 

To Hangover or Not To Hangover?
That Is The Question.

We're sure our days of drinking with no regret are long gone, and sadly we have to wake up with the consequences of the drinks we had last night. 

Pre-Order Now!

It's back again and are taking pre orders right now! We will ship the Anti-Hangover Kits starting mid March

Remember each kit will either contain 3, 5, or 10 kits per pouch depending on which variant you select!

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Don't Get Held Back

It's part of life nowadays and a hangover shouldn't be what worries you the most about drinking. Of course you need to be responsible when you drink but sometimes things happen and you end up drinking more than you thought or had planned to.

Our kit is now a viable solution for you to conquer a hangover in the event you have one.

We Thought It Was Time To Think Outside Of The Glass

Not All Alcohol Is Created Equal

Sure we've all heard this before, especially when people who spend a years worth of money on one bottle who warrant it to themselves for their extravagant purchase. 

Of course it's an unsaid/unwritten rule that the more you pay (generally) the more you get, but we aren't speaking in terms of the monetary value when we say they aren't created equal.

We bring up the other side of this equation as to how the alcohol affects and interacts with your body and gut microbiome. 

Beer in terms of the effects it has on you is far worse than if you were to drink vodka. This is due to the nature of their ingredients and how they are made.


Beer is the worst in terms of how it interacts with your body. It contains gluten, ochratoxin A, and yeast. The grains that are used are contaminated with molds and toxins before fermentation. This is what makes beer the "dirtiest" alcohol in the range.

Red & Dry White Wine

Red wine is high in ochratoxin A and yeast, and you never know which strain you'll get. It happens to also be unfiltered which means your liver and kidneys have to do much more work. Dry white wine on the other hand tends to be lower in mold toxins than red and white wine.

Vodka & Whiskey

Vodka is distilled and filtered through charcoal several times so your body is left only dealing with the alcohol itself and not toxins. (If you mix it with sugary drinks it is no longer beneficial). Whiskey is made from grains but the distillation process removes most of the toxins if not all. 

How Our Kit Works

Unlike the other hangover kits on the market we have created a multi step process which ensures our kits effectiveness.

Step 1: We give you an electrolyte powder to mix into water to prevent severe dehydration when you drink. Your body needs water & hydration to dilute the toxins in order to remove them. So being hydrated is key.

Step 2: You will take vitamin C and a small drink that contains MCT, PQQ, CoQ10. By doing this you significantly reduce liver aldehyde. This is the most damaging, aging, and wrinkle causing aspect of drinking alcohol.

Step 3: We'll give you some Glutathione, Vitamin B, and Charcoal while you are drinking. This will help soak up the rest of the toxins, and will give tremendous help with unfiltered alcohols/drinks.

Your Kit Will Include The Following:

  • Electrolyte Powder Mixture
  • Supplements (Pill)
  • Vitamins (Pill)
  • Easy To Use Guide/Instructions
  • Resealable Bag
  • 3 or 5 kits (Depending on which variant you select)

The Anti-Hangover Kit Process

We start off by giving you the hydration your body needs so that the alcohol and toxins don't do as much damage to your body.

While you are drinking we give you a curation of supplements and vitamins that in conjunction will give your body the boost it needs. Our supplements will stop free radical toxins biochemically and vitamins will give your body a boost.

After you are done drinking we give you supplements to take before bed and when you wake up to ensure the effectiveness of the supplements and vitamins you took before and during drinking! 

Unlike most Anti-Hangover kits our 3 step process gives you the maximum chance of fighting your hangover.

What Causes A Hangover?

Ethanol is the key factor and cause for the hangover(s) you may experience in your life. It's a very toxic chemical which acts as a diuretic in your body which means you pee more causing you to become dehydrated. Dehydration is another thing that causes the hangover. 

Other factors that contribute to your hangover are gastrointestinal effects, electrolyte imbalance, immune system, low blood sugar, dilated blood vessels, and lack of sleep.

The Breakdown and Science

  • Gastrointestinal Effects: Alcohol will cause an increase in acid production & irritation in your digestive system.
  • Electrolyte Imbalance: When you drink the alcohol will reduce your electrolyte levels which may result in headaches, irritability, and weakness.
  • Immune System: Your immune system will be weakened when you drink resulting in a wide rang of hangover symptoms (nausea, decreased appetite, and less focus.
  • Low Blood Sugar: Sugar (glucose) production is reduced when you drink which causes fatigue, dizziness, and irritability.
  • Dilated Blood Vessels: As you drink the alcohol causes your blood vessels to widen causing headaches.
  • Lack Of Sleep: When you drink it may come as no surprise that you get sleepy, but doesn't mean you get quality sleep. This will cause you to wake up the next morning weak and allows for the hangover symptoms to be worse.
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