The Superior First Aid Kit
The Superior First Aid Kit
The Superior First Aid Kit
The Superior First Aid Kit

The Superior First Aid Kit

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Sure a typical first aid kit might save your life, or just come in handy for those times you need it. However, we at DRI strive to bring everything we do and offer to the next level, and so we created this revolutionary first aid kit.

  • First of it's kind
  • Ready for all situations
  • Helpful guide included


This kit is unlock any other first aid kit with the use of additional products that exponentially increase the potential to save you or your loved ones lives.

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DMSO is a by-product of turning wood into wood pulp during the process known as the Kraft Process.

It has been prescribed and it used to decrease pain and increase the speed of healing of wounds, burns, muscle and skeletal injuries. 

The Kit 

We add on different products in addition to the "standard"  products in all the other first aid kits. The aim of our kit is that you are prepared for any situation that may arise in life. 

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The Alternative First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit #1

Everybody needs the basics of the first aid kit, and we have included the first aid fundamentals as well. Bandaids, gauzes, scissors, alcohol wipes, and more are included. We have added our own twist on the first aid kit as it's sold today.

Built For Extreme Scenarios #2

The hardshell case of the first aid kit not only protects its contents from being damaged but also allows it to be trasported with you no matter where you go.

Easy To Use #3

Sure the things that we have added might be unorthodox but that doesn't mean we've left you hanging. We make the kit easy to use in the event the kit is required. 

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What's Inside Your Kit?

We have included all the fundamentals for a proper first aid kit, plus additional products that will boost the potential of the kit to save your life or a loved ones life.

See What's Included
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Be Prepared For Everything

Often time life can throw things at our way and it's up to us to figure it out. Our kit was designed with this in mind.

We aimed for this kit to give you a peace of mind that a normal first aid kit can't give you.

Perfect Gift

Take care of the ones you love whether they're moving out, buying their first place, getting their first car, going off to college, and many more things. 

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Other Uses For DSMO

Topical Uses

It can be used topically to reat things such as headaches, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe facial pain called tic duoloureux. Other applications include applying it to the foot for bunions, calluses, and fungus on toe nails.
It can alo be u

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What comes with the Alternative First Aid Kit?
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