How it Works

Probiotics & Prebiotics promote a healthier gut and allow the healthy colonies of bacteria to prosper. Your gut is a major component to health and is one that is often overlooked. When we think of health in todays world we think of exercise, cutting back on gluten, fried food, and much more but helping/understanding your gut is key.

The Viome Home Test Kit allows you to truly get a grasp on what does and doesn’t work on a level you’ll never believe.

Why Switch It Up?

There’s a lot of data surrounding the use of pro & prebiotics and we wanted to clear some information up. The reason it’s sometimes recommended to switch up your probiotics is because a lot of them on the market are single strain formulas, which is exactly what you are thinking it is. On the other hand if you have too many strains in one it’ll make it inefficient which is why we carefully selected the pro & prebiotics for our kits.

Seeding & Feeding

This is the process in which we select strains of bacteria to seed (probiotic) and then feed (prebiotic) to create a healthier gut. We do the two simultaneously to increase the effectiveness of the bacteria growth.

It’s much like a plant where you put the plant in the soil (seeding) and then give it water and light to grow (feeding).

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