VIOME Kit - Obese

 Ready To Unlock Your Life From Within?

Did you know salmon, kale, and almonds could be the weight gain cause for you and the weight loss cause for others?

Treating you like part of the herd might be hurting you.  Let science help you.

Viome is the undisputed leader in analyzing your relationship to the food you eat.  Founded by billionaire Naveen Jain, founder of other companies like Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace.

Viome is a well thought out and VERY EASY to use poop test.  Viome has licensed the data from the us government los alamos national lab.  Using the data of hundreds of thousands of individual they produce easy to use reports telling you what foods to enjoy and which to avoid.  The results are custom to you and WILL SURPRISE YOU.  

What you had been told was good might not be bad for you….what you have been told is bad, might be good for you.

Make the time & money you already spend on taking care of yourself TRULY count.

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