+ What Is It?

Viome is a stool test that gives you insights about your gut microbiome with food categorizations to help eat food that promote bacteria colonies beneficial to your gut and health.

+ How Long Does It Take?

It takes about 4 weeks from the date the lab has received you results, but could in some exceptions take 6-8 weeks.

+ Shipping

You ship your sample back with the envelope included in your kit. There is no need to ship it overnight as the liquid where you put your sample preserves it for 30 days in all climates. We do recommend you ship it the next business day.

+ What's the process?

When you receive your kit you will find all things necessary to collect your sample.

First you want to register your kit, and create an account (if it's your first test otherwise click the login link).

Complete the questionnaire (We recommend to do this before you ship your kit) and collect your sample. Carefully follow the directions for shaking your stool once in the tube.

Put the kit in the provided package and then seal it in the envelope to ship it.

+ Should I Take The Test While On Antibiotics?

We recommend that you wait two weeks after you have completed your antibiotic course to take the test.

Antibiotics do a lot of damage to your gut flora and would get a inconclusive test because the results shown would not be reflective to your actual gut microbiome.

+ Should I Follow Viome's Recommendations?

If you are aware of or have any pre-existing conditions (allergies, diabetic, etc) then we recommend to consult your doctor to get qualified medical advice.


+ Why Should I Use This?

The benefits of Pro & Prebiotics are starting to become more mainstream and popular among those who are taking their health to a new level. You should switch up both Pro & Prebiotics to promote a healthier gut by giving your gut differentiated bacteria that it needs.

+ What's Wrong With The Probiotics I'm Taking Now?

Often times the Probiotics in stores are single strain and not enough to promote true gut change. They are mainly to replenish the ones you may have lost during a treatment, but don't do much beyond that.

+ How many days will the Kit last?

The BIOBOX Probiotic Kit will be a monthly subscription that rotates Pro & Prebiotics on a weekly basis.

The time you want to be subscribed is up to you, but we recommend a year.

+ Where do you get your products?

We choose our products based on the recommendations of world renowned experts that we have brought in for consulting.


+ Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes, we offer free shipping back to us as well. Just send an email to info@dri.com with your name and order # to begin the process.

Please note that if you refuse any package you WILL be held liable if the package is lost or damaged.

BIOBOX products however are NOT returnable.

+ How can I contact you?

You can text or call us at (231) 715-1255 or email us at info@dri.com.

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