DRI was founded on the principle of innovative health. We believe health is not always achieved by traditional means, but by allowing your body to do what it does best.
Our products are driven by the necessity for easy, natural, an inexpensive solutions to help alleviate and offset any setbacks due to health issues.


We started off as
a very small business

What started off as a simple idea transpired into a much more in depth, complex, and elaborate idea towards a healthier world. Our goal and mission statement is to unlock your life from within. Life can be very complex leading the importance of health more important than ever, and now with science & technology we can now take strides towards a disease free world.

We believe that everyone needs high quality accessories for their daily fitness activities. Our products are carefully chosen from top fitness brands including Nike, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, etc. We also have sport specialists that can prove the product quality before start selling on NDA Sport online store. You can get fit and fashionable at the same time with our latest product models and styles. Besides online store, you can come to our showroom anytime to try on latest products and get consulted about styling.

Walking Group
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