BIOBOX Probiotic Kit

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BIOBOX is the right way to take your probiotics & prebiotics by not only switching the colonies of bacteria to help, but with our Feeding & Seeding process. BIOBOX Pro is a monthly subscription with weekly rotating Pro & Prebiotics from TOP brands (see below) that are carefully selected for optimal results.Our Experts Select:The right “pairing” of Pro & PrebioticsThe top proven brands on the marketThe order in which to rotate the Pro & PrebioticsA hassle free way to reaching a healthier lifeBIOBOX Pro is for anyone interested in gut health. We help you seed & grow your beneficial gut bacteria.We do all the research alongside world renowned experts to determine which premium pre & probiotics are most beneficial to you. We then rotate the combination of pre & probiotics weekly for you on monthly basis in an easy to use box.

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Increase Your Health Wealth

  • Your Gut Makes Up To 75% Of Your Immune System
  • "All Disease Begins In The Gut" - Hippocrates
  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Researching What To Take
  • Unlock Your Life From Within 
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Your Gut Sommaliers

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BIOBOX Probiotic Kit is a subscription box that rotates Pre & Probiotics to help you create and maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

Our world renown experts:

- Choose what pre & probiotics to utilize
- What order to take them in
- Perfect the Seeding & Feeding process
- Research & find the best brands available

From The Inside Out

We believe that for any kind of lasting change that it needs to begin inside. Whether it's trying to live a more active life, acheive your goals, or whatever else it may be.

Health is no different than all your other goals. The BIOBOX Probiotic Kit was designed with this in mind. To promote and create health at a foundational level that you can then build on.

Unlock Your Life From Within | Increase Your Health Wealth

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This BIOBOX kit is all about your gut. Our consultants have paired pre & probiotics to ensure we create and feed the bacteria that will be the most beneficial to your gut.

  • Best Brands On The Market
  • Easy To Use & Understand Instructions
  • Pre & Probiotics For Every Week
  • Rotation Of The Pre & Probiotics

IOur proprietary formula for seeding & feeding alongside our rotation schedule ensures you get the most benefits from taking them. These are not like the ones you buy at your local grocery store, but tediously researched and of the utmost quality as well.


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