Viome Gut Intelligence Test

Viome Gut Test & Your Microbiome

At first I can say I was utterly terrified of the test... I couldn't imagine myself doing a stool sample test. I'm sure many of you aren't afraid of it like I was but for me it was my first test so it was a bit odd. However, as soon as I got over my fear of the stool test I sent it off to the lab. Now it's on the important part... the test itself.

This test is simple and easy to use right from the get go. The packaging of it all is really quite nice and feels like a high quality product.

viome gut intelligence boxe

The Viome Gut Intelligence Boxes

Upon opening the Viome box you will see 3 boxes, and when you are taking the test you will need to make note of the code that is on the outside of the silver box. 

The black box is an outer protective shell for the main box which is silver and is the one that contains all the testing items.


Viome Kit Test  Items

In the photo above you will see what is included inside the silver box, what it not shown is the card where you are to write your kit number for easy reference when you are registering it on Viome's website.

The instructions are easy to follow and understand so no need to worry about anything too much. 


The science behind Viome's test is actually very interesting. They have the exclusive rights to use the Los Alamos National Laboratory, but use AI in addition to the lab that allows for a more in depth test and analysis.

Your results will shock you like they definitely did for me, but that is for another post.


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