What To Expect From Your Results

Curious about the Viome Gut Intelligence Results?

I know I was a bit afraid to see what the test would say and what foods I loved that I may need to cut back on. I heard the same thing from many of my peers who took the test who weren't sure exactly what the test would say.

If you look around our site, Viome's site, or anywhere on the internet you'll see a couple pictures of what the test results will look like, but we plan to go into depth about the test results so you can have a more clear image of what to expect.


The Viome Gut Intelligence Test Categories

Looking through the images you will be able to see the different sections of your results. For the food it will be broken into 4 different categories:
- Avoid
- Minimize
- Superfood

This part of your test is pretty straightforward where your foods are broken into segments with how they interact with your gut microbiome. If you click on a super food within your app or on your account on their website it will break down the reason the food is categorized like it is. See the picture below of Viome's science in the works!


Viome Gut Test Results | In Depth Breakdown

As you can see the food you eat (as I'm sure comes as no surprise) continues to interact with your body until it leaves. It has very in depth details for everyone regardless of how much information you really want. If you want the high level foods to avoid the test will help you but if you want to realize the in detail chemical reactions it will also help you. 

For me personally it's nice to see it all in case I am ever curious about why a food is bad for me. Viome is really light years ahead of it's competitors and allows users to easily access and understand their test results.


The next section would include the rankings of what we call the 19 Summaries. You can find kits to help the sections on our site, and to find more info as well.

Our book is also a great resource for taking your understanding to a new level. These are seperated into 3 categories:
- Needs Improvement
- Average
- Good

The in depth breakdown of how the food interacts with your gut microbiome is linked to this section of your test. 


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