The Microbiome

by Eric ColburnFeb 21, 2020
The Microbiome

The Microbiome - Unlocking The Secrets

Your Gut. Microbiome. Tests? 

Hello kids, welcome back to class. Today we are going to learn about… no, no no. Today you are going to be learning about something that might actually be useful to you and that you might actually use and apply in real life. That topic is microbiome as you can already tell from the title of the blog.

I can already hear you thinking to yourself, “What is my microbiome?” Well to put it in simple human terms (and not some crazy doctor lingo) your microbiome consists of all organisms in you… good and bad. It sounds gross at first but they make you tick and function from digesting your food, protecting your blood, your immune system and more.


How Does Your Microbiome Work? What Is Your Microbiome?

In the past we didn’t have the technology to analyze and see how much we could benefit from studying the organisms within us that could one day make illness and disease a choice. Studies have linked the gut to numerous chronic disease, and luckily we are now able to make strides in this field to make life better.


Healthy Food? Bad Food? Your Microbiome Decides

We’ve all heard that pimples and skin blemishes are because of oily and unclean skin, but what if your gut was to blame? Maybe the food you love brings you major issues in the bathroom (we’ve all been there at one point or another) but you never realized it was because of an imbalance in your gut. Perhaps you are trying to lose weight but don’t seem to have much success. Dysbiosis (a gut imbalance between good and bad flora) actually can make your body not digest calories properly and even make your body create/absorb more than it actually needs. See, microbiome is a broad term used for all the organisms in you, but we focus on your gut microbiome. Many problems come from here whether you realize it or not.


Final Words About Your Microbiome

Think about your gut microbiome as a coke. If you look at the coke it is just a coke, but when you go to break down the ingredients then you can get an overall sense of what is going on. You would do the same thing with your gut, but on a much more extreme level. The Nutrition Facts on the side are also an indication of how your body will process it. Your gut has indications that show themselves in ways that you may not understand such as pimples, diarrhea, brain fog, constant sickness, and more but we aren’t all trained yet to take notice of it.

Now that you have the beginning part for you health journey you can continue to learn more about your gut and the plethora of ways it effects you and your life.


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