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Probiotics - All Not created equal

Why Probiotics Are Good & Why Some Probiotics Aren't "Good"

If you take probiotic and translate the meaning it means; Pro Life which is good, while Antiobiotic means Anti Life, which is something we'll talk about in our Antibiotics Blog Post

Probiotics - denoting a substance which stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora).

When you ingest probiotics (depending on the quality) it is suppose to help boost beneficial bacteria colonies to stabilize your gut and make it perform and function better. You see your gut is essentially the ultimate stop your food goes to, and if it doesn't interact well with the foods you eat, it could lead to some major problems. 


Probiotics & Probiotic Terms

Probiotics often display “CFU” somewhere on their packaging or website, and what that means is Colony Forming Units. This indicates the number of viable bacteria/fungal cells that are in the pill. Now viable in microbiology is different than what we know it as in everyday terms.

Viable is the ability to multiply via binary fission under controlled conditions.

Cool right? Well not all probiotics are made equal because some are better than others, and in certain cases if you learn your way around probiotics you can learn the strains that help certain conditions so you can decide what probiotic to take based on the strains.

It’s important that whatever probiotic(s) you are or are planning to take have a high CFU number, and are multi-strain.

CFU is important because of the harsh and acidic conditions the probiotic pill must go through to get planted and be able to colonize. Not all will make it, so the higher the number the better the chances.

Having multiple strains within your probiotic pill is essential to making sure your gut stays healthy.


Probiotics Can Go A Long Way To Making Your Gut Microbiome Healthier


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